Bullnet launches Homebuyers pocket brochure

Bullnet launches Homebuyers pocket brochure

Bulletins and Enquiries Networking Service Limited (BULLNET) has launched its maiden edition of the Bullnet Homebuyers’ Quarterly Pocket Magazine as part of its efforts to provide information on real estate services and make it easy for Nigerians to own houses.

According to the Founder of BHQ, Bayo Akintoye, the firm is pleased to note developments in key sectors, in terms of investment activities, and hopes for further growth in inflow of the needed capital from foreign investors into real estate sector.

He said the magazine is the world first pocket guide and brochure, adding: “A lot of people get into trouble buying houses that are expensive or not genuine because they don’t have information and people tends to fall victim by engaging with false developers.

“However, the most important challenge is the lack of trust practitioners’ face, which is why we intend to be transparent.

“Another area is being innovative, because homelessness is a key problem in Nigeria. Most people have money, but don’t have access to homes. This is something that has to do with the mortgage bankers, the developers, estate agents, government and regulators. They all need to rally together and make things work.”

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